Oily skin care

Oily skin is the result of over active sebaceous glands. A substance called sebum is secreted by these glands, normally it is a healthy natural lubricant for the skin but when it is secreted in excess it leads to oily skin. It makes the skin becomes shiny, thick and dull. Oily skin has coarse pores, pimples and other face blemishes. Note that oily skin is not necessarily bad as this skin is less prone to wrinkling and other aging signs and the oil helps to keep needed moisture locked in the outermost layer of the skin. Oily skin can also be caused by other things such as pregnancy, birth control pills, high or imbalanced hormone levels and changes, diets, make-up we use, and terribly hot weather and so on. Oily skin is common in teenagers because of hormonal shifts of adolescence but it can also occur at any age however oily skin has a great advantage of aging slowly than other skin types. Oily skin can be cared for in so many ways: get a good face cleanser or soap not harsh or heavy ones, use lightly medicated soaps, and don’t use cleansers that contain alcohol or artificial additives, also try antibacterial cleaning lotions and always apply a natural oil free moisturizer to keep skin soft. The oily skin also needs special cleansing day and night with plenty of warm water and mild soap to prevent clogged pores, harsh products strips the skin from oils and promotes dryness and this can cause skin to start shrinking or wrinkling. Always make sure you moisturize skin after cleansing with oil free moisturizers to maintain a supple and shine free complexion.

A healthy eating habit is also recommended if you have oily skin, for example, too much sugar, liquids and salt are not good but foods rich in protein like roasted duck, meat or chicken, salmon, tuna salad, bacon, cheeseburger, milk fat, lamb and so on are good choices for healthy eating. Also take in lots of leafy green vegetables like spinach, cabbage and fresh fruits or fresh natural fruit juices, vitamins, iron supplement and other substances as they bring your blood level up to tally with your system. Fats should also be reduced in your diet, avoid animal fats, heat processed vegetable oils, pork and highly fried seasoned foods, if possible avoid frying with all means possible. Avoid sweet juices, chocolate, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks and of course don’t forget to drink plenty of water, use mineral water if possible not tap water to detoxify your system and keep skin well hydrated. Also to avoid oily skin avoid smoking because it damages the overall health of the skin, sleep when you ought to so the skins cellular repair activity can take place, exercise and eat well to cleanse the skin from within, a timely body massage stimulates and rejuvenates the body and skin. If you follow the instructions you can be sure of having a wonderful skin despite it being oily.

Skin firming

As we get older our skin tends to lose its elasticity and firmness and begins to sag, hence the need to take adequate care of your skin while you are young and as you grow older that is when the issue of skin firming comes in. As people get older the body system produces less amount of collagen which can be compared to the amount of collagen when the body was younger. If the amount of collagen is less then this leads to wrinkles and sagging skin, this in turn is normal because consequentially no amount of anti-firming cream one applies can make a difference as time goes on but it is advisable to maintain a good diet and take absolute care of one’s skin so the process of aging and sagging will take a longer time to have an effect on the body. Firming of the skin is normally achieved when proper care is taken of your face, neck and your body, also it is necessary to eat a diet filled with fresh fruits and lots of fiber because the antioxidant in them is needed to maintain and protect our healthy skin. Skin firming doesn’t need much stress as natural ingredients needed can be easily available and are more effective, for example: scrub the body with caffeine grounds, the caffeine in coffee can help firm the skin and decrease the appearance of cellulite or you can make use of clay mixed with water which lifts and tighten the skin, you can also use egg whites, it is a natural astringent for skin lifting, apply whisked egg to the face and neck and leave for 15 minutes then rinse off, it works like magic. The juice from aloe leaf can also be used to repair wrinkles and firm the skin by washing your skin at night and applying the extract then leaving it on to do its work while you sleep, it is a good exfoliator. Rosewater can also be used as a home treatment, rosewater is filled with vitamin B, E, and k, and it is a good cleansing astringent as it wipes away gently the dirt and oil while nourishing the skin. You can also try moisturizing with natural emollient coconut oil, this exfoliates the outer layer of a dead skin while protecting it and moisturizing it and making it firmer, smoother and stronger, lastly a mixture of milk and honey, milk has lactic acid which is a natural exfoliant filled with vitamins and softener which helps in peeling the top layer of the skin while honey is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic agent that can help cleanse and shrink the pores while firming it. Don’t forget that to maintain a healthy skin exercise is also compulsory because it is another way of firming up the skin especially the face, do you know that there are over 40 muscles in the face and by moving them and exercising them you are improving your facial skin hence the saying that “a smile makes you look younger but a frown makes your face grow older”.

Skin tones

The human skin color can range from black to nearly colorless, and human skin tones varies from dark brown to nearly colorless pigmentation due to blood in the skin. The melanin that produces the darker tone of the human skin serves as a light filter to protect the skin from too much UV rays getting under it as this causes sunburns and it disrupts the synthesis of precursors necessary to make the human DNA but note that humans need at least a minimum amount of UV light to penetrate the skin and produce vitamin D essential for building and maintaining the bones in the human body. Diet rich in vitamin D such as fish and salmon is also needed to maintain a good skin tone. There are several ways of maintaining an even skin tone and usually it requires exercises or can be done naturally. Your skin tone can either be even or uneven. Uneven skin tones can be caused by a variety of reasons, it could be physical reaction to light or hormonal imbalances, people with oily skin can also have uneven skin tone, pregnant women are also likely to have uneven skin tone due to the excess estrogen that causes melanin to produce at a much higher rate but this is really no cause for alarm as the problem disappears after child birth. Dealing with uneven skin tone can be achieved by wearing dark sunglasses, using creams and foundation powder oil creams with sunscreen, UVA or UVB protection, also you need to ensure proper skin protection by exfoliating the skin regularly using soft sponge and mild soap or an exfoliating towel and facial scrub made for your skin type, do not leave makeup on face when going to bed at night in order for skin to regenerate. It is always advisable to tone your skin naturally but if you have to use toning creams then be wary of products that make outlandish extraordinary claims and of course don’t expect overnight magic, find out customers reviews and opinion on the product, remember that you are merely trying to take care of your skin not to make the cosmetic company richer. Uneven skin tone can be caused by different problems that people face like exposure to excessive sun, diet and vitamin deficiencies, age, stress, fatigue, pigmentation problem and other common unavoidable things which is why keeping yourself hydrated has a lot to do with the way your skin looks. However since no one can stop growing old it is essential to employ natural methods for your skin to stay toned and healthy, avoid losing weight rapidly, avoid yo-yo dieting, substitute water for alcohol free drinks, avoid drinks with caffeine and too much sugar. Do enough exercises to tighten up the skin and make use of toning beds as they isolate certain muscles and tighten them by moving them slightly to receive maximum toning benefits. You can also use a machine that provides a gentle vibrating motion across the body as this increases circulation and loosens excess water and toxins in the body.

Skin peel

Skin peel is an autosomal recessive disorder that may be serious or un-serious but in most cases unserious and a very unattractive phenomenon for both men and women, it could be caused by an immensely dry skin or sunburn or the result of a skin disease or infection so it is better to take proper and regular care of your skin so as to avoid your skin peeling altogether, as with any healthy beauty routine avoiding sunburn and drinking plenty of water plays a small role in keeping your skin in order, visit a dermatologist if you have chronic peeling skin or peeling skin syndrome that is recurrent, always use hydrating masks 2 or 3 times a week, moisturize your skin regularly, apply aloe Vera to help nourish the skin and make use of natural treatments such as honey, mint juice, olive oil to keep skin hydrated and smooth. Some medical conditions like dry and flaky skin, skin rashes, blisters, eczema can also cause the skin to peel. Characteristics of peeling skin should always be noted as some medications can cause skin to peel, for example, airol creams and lotions, maloprim, daraprim, retin-A and other acne medications. Note that if you have extremely dry skin your skin is more prone to peel. Fixing of this problem includes isolating the cause of the situation, stop using harsh soaps, detergents and fragrances and any product that irritates your skin or anti-bacterial skin products, always remove dead skin by exfoliation but no excessive exfoliation, make use of hand and foot creams and use intense moisturizer like shea butter, protect your skin from extreme temperatures and so on. You can also use products like the skin culture peel; it is an effective, six-day facial peeling treatment that helps rejuvenate the surface of the skin. It creates a smooth and controlled shedding of several layers of skin cells, which enables the new layers to be exposed, and generates a new, radiant tone and texture to the surface of the skin. It is easy to apply and can be used in the comfort of your own home. All it requires is 90 minutes a day for six days. It improves fine lines, acne scarring, age spots, large pores, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, black heads, uneven skin tone and other complexion problems. You can also use chemical peel, this is a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to slough off and eventually peel off. The regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. Thus the term chemical peel is derived. Some types of chemical peels can be purchased and administered without a medical license; however people are advised to seek professional help from a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or otolaryngologist on a specific type of chemical peel before a procedure is performed. Chemical Deep Peeling has a checkered history. One of the most successful practitioners of this type of peel was Cora Galenti who practiced in Hollywood in the 1940s and later in Mexico City.

Dry skin treatment

Dry skin is a condition involving the integumentary system, which in most cases can safely be treated with emollients and/or moisturizers. Dry skin is most common on the scalp, lower legs, arms, the knuckles, the sides of the abdomen and thighs. Symptoms that are most associated with dry skin involve scaling (the visible peeling of the outer skin layer), itching and cracks in the skin. Dry skin is a very common condition. It happens more often in the winter where the cold air outside and the hot air inside creates a low relative humidity. This causes the skin to lose moisture and it may crack and peel. Bathing or hand washing too frequently, especially if one is using harsh soaps, may also contribute to dry skin, dry skin can also be caused by a deficiency of vitamin A, vitamin D, systemic illness, severe sunburn, or some medication. To treat your dry skin, you should wash your face no more than twice a day with a gentle cleanser formulated for dry skin, remember the basics: Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin well hydrated; eat a high-quality diet rich in fruits and vegetables; and limit sun exposure, add a few teaspoons of olive oil or lavender-scented oil to your bath, take short baths or showers and use warm rather than hot water. Try to limit showers and baths to one per day, use soap only where you need it, such as on your underarms and groin, apply moisturizers while your skin is still damp, look for ingredients such as glycerin, alpha hydroxy acids, urea and lactic acids (binders), combined with petrolatum, lanolin or silicone derivatives, and always pat your skin dry after washing. Avoid rubbing yourself dry with a towel, which can whisk away essential oils needed for moisture. If you are one of those who have extremely dry, wrinkled and crackly skin around the eyes that makes you look tired and aged, then you need to find solution to this problem at the earliest. The number of people experiencing dryness in skin around the eyes is increasing these days; dry skin around the eyes is caused due to a large number of reasons. A few of them include: Sleep deprivation, stress, lack of nutritious foods, eye related problems, aging and constant staring at the computer screen or television. Make sure you wear sunglasses when you step out in the sun. Apply a dark circle gel or any eye gel every time you expose yourself to the outside world. Make sure your diet is healthy and nutritious, skin products aimed at moisturizing other parts of the body may not be useful for the eye as the skin under the eye is extremely thin and contains few oil glands. Thus, use only those skin creams and eye gels that cater to the eye. Petroleum jelly is the most popular option in this direction. Propolis, another substance rich in vitamins is good for both men and women. However, it is most advisable to use petroleum jelly for kids.

Trade secrets beauty supply

A trade secret may consist of any formula, pattern, device or compilation of information which is used in a business, and which may give an advantage over competitors who do not know the trade secret. A trade secret may be a formula for a chemical compound, a process of manufacturing, treating or preserving materials, a pattern for a machine or other device, or even a list of customers. Trade secrets are different from other business secrets, for example, the amount or other terms of a secret bid for a contract or the salary of certain employees, or the security investments made or contemplated, or the date fixed for the announcement of a new policy or for bringing out a new model. A trade secret is a process or device for continuous use in the operations of the business. Generally trade secrets have to do with the production of goods, for example, a machine or formula for the production of an article. However, a trade secret might be the code for determining discounts, rebates or other concessions in a price list or catalogue, or a list of specialized customers, or a method of bookkeeping or other office management. In general terms trade secrets include inventions, ideas, or compilations of data that are used by a business to make it more successful. Specifically, trade secrets include any useful formula, plan, pattern, process, program, tool, technique, mechanism, compound, or device that is not generally known or readily ascertainable by the public. Whatever type of information is represented by a trade secret, a business must take reasonable steps to safeguard it from disclosure. The owner of a trade secret has the exclusive right to its use and enjoyment. Like any other property right, a trade secret may be sold, assigned, licensed, or otherwise used for pecuniary gain. As regards beauty supply trade secrets help in controlling and maintaining the stand of any particular industry in the beauty market. Inner beauty is the biggest of all natural beauty secrets, develop your inner self and the natural beauty will have a base from which to grow and flourish, spend time with your skin, there really is no mystery to the beauty, improve your health in body and mind, develop your inner person, find natural options to achieve beautiful hair and skin look better, the popular beauty tips and beauty secrets always been highly appreciated by women of all ages – after all it is awesome looking. Although abundant beauty products on the market cover the basics of beauty – looking beautiful is not always expensive, pay attention to some tricks and beauty secrets and you would probably save time. If you have dry skin, oily skin or normal skin, a moisturizer is one product of skin care that everyone can afford to use, a gentle cleanser before using a moisturizer is recommended though, moisturizers also help care for aging wrinkles and prevent premature aging, the moisture component is infused into your skin and the pores of the skin is hydrated, refreshed and rejuvenated.

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