What’s the best cellulite treatment? There are many cellulite treatments or cellulite creams that can help to offset the appearance of cellulite. In this short article, we will share with you one little secret of what makes some cellulite creams work.

What is Cellulite

Cellulite formation is the result of the accumulation of toxins in the fat tissues under the skin. These are the toxins which are usually not removable by the kidneys and are stored in the fat tissues under the skin. These toxins are the main cause of cellulite appearance in the human body. So, it is very essential to remove these extra toxins from your body to reduce the cellulite under the skin.

Anti-oxidants are the substances which are used to remove the extra body toxins. An important anti-oxidant is ALA. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)has also anti-inflammatory properties. This chemical compound is soluble in water as well as fats.

It is also commonly used as a topical treatment. It means it can be applied directly on the skin surface. All effective topical cellulite solutions should include this acid. This acid is very effective and it can easily pass through the cell membrane of the body cells. The cell membranes of the body cell are rich in lipids. Many other topical anti-oxidants cannot pass through this lipid rich cell membrane, easily. After reaching inside the body cells, the Alpha Lipoic Acid is solved in the cell contents and produces its effects efficiently. The inflammations are removed and the toxins are released from the body cells.

Does ALA works?

Alpha lipoid Acid removes the cell toxins and decreases the inflammations caused by these toxins. It enhances the over all toxin removal from the body. This is done by affecting on Vitamins E and C inside the body cells and increasing their anti-oxidant ability.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is mainly used for removing the stretch marks produced on the skin due to cellulite formation. This acid is famous for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects but its direct effect on the skin cells, to remove the cellulite, is not fully studied yet. But, it is evident that the process of toxin removal is greatly enhanced by using ALA. The toxin removal indirectly reduces the cellulite formation in the body. ALA also decreases the inflammations in the body which reduces the chances of further accumulation of toxins in the body.

There is really no best cellulite treatment that can remove the cellulite on its alone. But with ALA, it can increase and improve the healing process if used with some other anti-cellulite products.

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