If you are under the impression that only obese or overweight women have cellulite then you are mistaken. All kinds of women in all shapes and sizes can be victims of cellulite. Cellulite is such a monstrous thing that it can even creep up to the thinnest of women and make their lives miserable.

When you look at yourself in the mirror instead of seeing thighs and derriere that are smooth and flawless you see potholes all over. This is certainly not the way god wanted women to look and not the way a man would like his woman to be. Even if you were to try exercising you will find that the cellulite can be pretty stubborn and will just sit their smirking back at you. You might not have an ounce of extra fat all over your body, whew, what a relief except for the ugly bits of cellulite on your thighs and backside. Because of this you can’t wear the trendiest of stuff that are on the store shelves and tight skinny jeans well, just forget about them. You don’t want to look like a crown in a circus rather than the fashion diva that you had in mind.

So, how does cellulite actually come there? Cellulite is actually the body’s way of building up toxins, fluids and the fatty tissues and creating those dimples all over. The crater like formation is known as cellulite. Women are prone to the accumulation of cellulite and you will hardly find any women who do not have an ounce of cellulite on their bodies. Only women who really work out on weights and gymnasts don’t have it. Therefore, if you want to get your body rid of cellulite then you need to work really hard not only at exercising but also put a strict watch on your diet. Even after doing both of these there is no guarantee that you will be able to lose cellulite.

When you are about to tear out your hair in despair wondering how you actually get cellulite off your body a few well-meaning friends might even suggest massages with hot oils, medical ways and some of the weirdest of contraptions and equipments to help you get rid of it. After all the possible things that you try and burn your fingers with you realize that there is certainly no fixed formula for losing cellulite. It is going to be a real tedious task to get cellulite off your backside.